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Manitou is also an algonquin term for a Great Spirit. It is featured in episode 1x19 of the X-Files as a term describing a creature like a Werewolf. Manitou Springs is also mentioned in a RPG called Werewolf: the Forsaken, made by White Wolf gaming. I don't know if any of this merits a small page or even a note?


Manitou the Algonquin Great Spirit[edit]

Surely, this deserves a page -- a small one anyway. I was looking for information on it, not on the towns or the game.

Added a few links for Manitou as the Great Sprit. The Manitou-figure as a figure in modern culture (Movies, TV, RPG, books etc) almost needs an article of its own. Terminalproducts 10:11, 12 August 2005 (UTC)