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Use this page to discuss what needs to be done regarding character articles, including which articles should be created.

How Do I Classify (X Character)?:
Generally, Buffy and Angel characters are classified thus:

  • Main Characters appear in the opening credit montage.
  • Guest Stars appear in the extended credits after the opening montage.
  • Supporting Characters appear in neither.

So Emma Caulfield as Anya Jenkins is a guest star in season 4 but a main character in season 6.

Note that "special credits" create exceptions. In episode 4.17 Superstar, Jonathan Levinson appears in the main credits. Likewise, in episode 6.19 Seeing Red, Tara Maclay is credited in the opening montage. Despite this, they are both always guest stars.

- Che

Suggested plan for character articles[edit]

This article assumes the above character definitions (which are the essentially universally accepted ones by Whedonverse fans).

  • Main Characters: Main characters obviously deserve their own articles.
  • Guest Stars: In most cases, Guest stars are repeat characters. In most circumstances, guest stars will appear repeatedly; in the instance that a guest star only appears in one episode, he probably ought to be put in a merged article.
  • Supporting Characters: Supporting characters should, in most cases, be entered as "minor characters" in merged articles. (I would argue a few exceptions, such as perhaps Willy the Snitch getting his own article.)
  • Baddies of the week and such probably do not need articles; if they are entirely contained in one episode and have no relevance to the story outside it, then they can probably remain contained to the episode's article.

There are far too many minor characters on Buffy and Angel to lump them all into one article, so I would break them up, like so:

Some suggested minor characters articles:

  • Potential Slayers (to include ALL "Slayerettes" from season 7)
  • Watchers (not to include Rupert Giles or Wesley Wyndam-Pryce; Gwendolyn Post should appear)
  • Wolfram and Hart employees (Lindsey MacDonald, Lilah Morgan not to be included here; Knox included)
  • Sunnydale High Students (Devon, Larry, Jesse, etc.)
  • Initiative Members (Graham, Forrest, the Commander -- Riley Finn gets his own article)

etc ...

Characters who don't have a category could be arranged by season. "Baddies of the week" could be arranged by season.

If anyone can fill out the entire template for a character, that character probably deserves his/her own page. - User:Allycat
That depends on the meaning of "fill." I don't see anything wrong with lumping insignificant characters. They can still be linked to. Xiner 03:59, 18 February 2006 (UTC)
Faith Lehane's article needs serious work. Xiner 03:59, 18 February 2006 (UTC)
So does her evil mentor's.
Each character's Trivia section could have "first line in Buffy/Angel" and "last line in Buffy/Angel" info, which I think would be interesting. Feel free to move/edit this comment. Xiner 01:52, 21 February 2006 (UTC)