Liberal Party of Kosovo

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Liberal Party of Kosovo

Partia Liberale e Kosoves
LeaderGjergj Dedaj
HeadquartersPristina, Kosovo
Political positionCentre
European affiliationAlliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party
International affiliationLiberal International
ColoursBrown, Black, Red, Yellow
Official Website

The Liberal Party of Kosovo (Albanian: Partia Liberale e Kosoves) is a liberal[1] political party in the Republic of Kosovo.

The party is an observer member of the Liberal International and a member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party.[citation needed]

In the 2004 parliamentary election, the party won 0.5% of the popular vote and 1 out of 190 seats in the Assembly of Kosovo. However, in the 2007 parliamentary election, it failed to pass the election threshold of 5%, thus becoming a non-parliamentary party. Like all other Kosovo Albanian political parties, the party supports Kosovo independence and does not take part in the general elections in Serbia nor any other election or referendum organised by the Serbian parliament. The current president of the Liberal Party of Kosovo is Gjergj Dedaj.

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