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The tower is never just called "Eiffel" and is therefore not a valid entry in a disambiguation page. In addition, Eiffel programming language and especially Gustave Eiffel are boderline: Do to the fact that this programing language is not at all widely known (unlike, say Java) the words "programming language" are almost allways going to follow this usage. Furthermore, people are only commonly referred to by only their last name in the military or in certain special exceptions (like Seneca or Cicero). In cases like these I tend to simply redirect the nominally ambiguous term to the most widely known and used usage (in this case Gustave Eiffel). I will leave this one alone though -- mainly as an example of disambiguation gone bad. --maveric149 02:44, 27 May 2002

Well, I've typed in "Eiffel" to get the programming language and then later on to get the guy's name so obviously people will try it. Also, it doesn't make that much sence to not list the tower since it's named after the guy and is what he's most well known for. If you're looking for the maker of the Eiffel tower you're probably not going to know the guy's full name so he needs to be listed, the area in Germany needs to be listed since it's a common misspelling, and the language should be listed because someone who doesn't know Wikipedia that well won't know to type "Eiffel programming langauge" and anyways there are many programming language articles that don't contain the phrase "programming langauge" in the title so it's quite concievable that "Eiffel" would go to the language. As for the techno group, who knows maybe they don't know the ending numbers so Eiffel makes sence as a search there. This is a perfectly fine disambiguation page that makes perfect sence the way it is. - DNewhall 19:51, 10 August 2005

DNewhall, I agree! This is perfectly userfriendly and okay. 14:22, 7 March 2007 (UTC)