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This article seems to have been written by somebody with an axe to grind about devolution. It contains several inaccuracies, but I am not best qualified to replace the article. Perhaps an English medievalist would like to take this on?

1. The English parliament did not come into existence as a result of Magna Carta. It arose independently during the 13th century, albeit Magna Carta dealt with ideas of parliamentary authority.

2. It is not true whatsoever to say that the English parliament had jurisdiction over all of Britain by the 1600s. That did not happen until 1707. -- Anon user

I have made a couple of corrections, but it seems a shame that this article is so defective.

Partially true, but note that, during the mid 1600s under Cromwell, the English parliament had sole jurisdiction not only over Britain but also over Ireland and parts of North America. -- Derek Ross | Talk 02:43, 13 Jun 2004 (UTC)

I made it a redirect to List of Parliaments of England since I think that's what people want when they are searching for English Parliament. --Woohookitty 20:08, 18 Feb 2005 (UTC)