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Dagens industri
SE-DSX special paint scheme Dagens Industri.JPG
One of Malmö Aviation's Avros in the special "Dagens Industri" livery.
Owner(s)Bonnier AB
Editor-in-chiefPeter Fellman
Managing editorsJonas Jonsson
Founded1976; 43 years ago (1976)
Political alignmentIndependent liberal-conservative
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
Circulation101,700 (2010)

Dagens industri (Di) is a financial newspaper in tabloid format published in Stockholm, Sweden.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Dagens industri was founded in 1976[2][3] with two issues per week. In 1983 it increased its periodicity to five issues per week[3] and to six in 1990.[4] It has since started affiliate newspapers in Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Scotland and Slovenia. Dagens Industri is owned by the Swedish family-owned media group Bonnier AB[5][6] and is published in tabloid format.[7]

The stated position of the editorial page is independent liberal-conservative.[8] The newspaper's online edition, di.se, has been voted as Sweden's "best economics online site" 17 years in a row between 1999 och 2016, in a competition held by the PR-firm Hallvarsson & Halvarsson.[9]

In January 2016, former Managing Editor Lotta Edling succeeded Peter Fellman as the Editor-in-chief of Dagens industri.[6]


The 1983 circulation of Dagens industri was 30,000 copies.[4] Its circulation was 100,000 copies in 2000.[4] It was 115,000 copies in 2003.[10] The paper had a circulation of 117,500 copies on weekdays in 2005.[5] Its circulation was 101,700 copies in 2010.[1]

According to the media survey Orvesto, Dagens industri had 328,000 daily readers of their printed issue during the beginning of 2017.[9]


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