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Regarding Self-Published and Scant Sources
As noted on the main article maintenance tag, this article contains a significant number of Self-Published Sources (SPS). Due to the minority nature of neopagan beliefs, academic publications and comprehensive secondary sources can be hard to come by. Where reliable/exemplary sources exist, they are used in lieu of SPS, the latter being either discarded or used to supplement the better sources. If you as an editor or reader have knowledge of such sources, especially academic and perennial secondary sources, I urge you to write on this article talk page so we may improve the sources.

In the meantime, care has been taken regarding SPS to utilize them within limited scope and fashion. (e.g. Storm Faerywolf, a notable Feri Tradition practitioner, is used primarily as an expert in his tradition and as an LGBTQ pagan.) My interpretation of WP:ABOUTSELF allows for SPS to be used for the variety of neopagans sourced here to describe their own beliefs. Where large, sweeping statements are made, reliance on academic sources is currently utilized primarily, with reliable secondary media sources sometimes used as well. Additionally, regarding the academic sources, many tend to retroactively cite the previous sources. In an effort to reduce source bias and not overly-rely on a single source, great effort has been taken to examine, disambiguate, and utilize the citations used by academic sourcing.

If you know of improved sources, have an issue with a particular source, the utilization of a source, or other ways to improve the reliability of this article, please talk below! Thank you! Gwen Hope (talk) (contrib) 00:43, 26 June 2020 (UTC)

Special Characters[edit]

@Beland: hey I noticed you recently changed a lot of the special characters. For the ellipses or backticks, this is fine, however listing the double and single quotes via html codes is necessary. Otherwise the quotation tooltips provided by {{r}} cut off at the first quotation they encounter. The html characterization was a deliberate workaround of this issue. Could you please partially revert those changes or figure out (as you an admin and more more veteran editor) how to mitigate this problem? Thank you! Gwen Hope (talk) (contrib) 06:18, 3 July 2020 (UTC)

Whoops, fixed, and added a note on the template documentation. Thanks for your attention to detail. -- Beland (talk) 19:17, 3 July 2020 (UTC)