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Geoffrey Squires (born 16 November 1942,[1] in Derry, Northern Ireland) is an Irish poet who works in what might loosely be termed the modernist tradition.

Early life[edit]

While born in Derry, he grew up in County Donegal, Republic of Ireland. He read English at Cambridge, and gained a PhD in multi-media instructional systems in adult education from the University of Edinburgh in 1970[2]. He lived and worked in various countries, including Iran (a long spell in the 1970s), France and the United States, and is a translator of French and Persian poetry.[1] His early work was influenced by the poetry and poetics of Charles Olson.

Later life[edit]

He is now retired[3] and lives in Hull, where he was Reader in Education at the University of Hull's Institute for Learning and leads its Educational Development Team. His earlier academic publications focused on curriculum (1987–90), but since 1999 they have dealt mainly with the theorizing of teaching and other professions. This helps to explain the hiatus between the appearance of his first three poetry chapbooks between 1975–80 and the next in 1996. American poet and critic Robert Archambeau has described his work as 'a poetry of immediate consciousness'. His more recent writings show the effect of the study of Maurice Merleau-Ponty's theory of perception.[4]



  • Sixteen Poems (1969)
  • Drowned Stones (1975)
  • Figures (1978)
  • XXI Poems (1980)
  • Landscapes & Silences (1996)
  • A Long Poem in Three Sections (1997)
  • This (1997)
  • Untitled and other poems 1975-2002 (2004)
  • Abstract Lyrics and Other Poems 2006-2012 (2012)
  • Poem at the Turn of the Year (2012)
  • Sans Titre, French translation of "Untitled III" (Editions Unes, 2013)
  • Paysages et Silences, French translation of "Landscapes & Silences" (Editions Unes, 2014)

Education related[edit]

  • Cognitive Styles and Adult Learning (1981)
  • The Analysis of Teaching (1982)
  • Innovation Through Recession (1983)
  • The Curriculum Beyond School (1987)
  • Teaching and Training (1988)
  • Pathways for Learning (1989)
  • First Degree: The Undergraduate Curriculum (1990)
  • Teaching as a Professional Discipline (1999)
  • Managing Your Learning (2002)
  • Trouble-Shooting Your Teaching (2002)


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