1867 Ontario general election

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1867 Ontario general election

September 3, 1867 1871 →

82 seats in the 1st Legislative Assembly of Ontario
42 seats were needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  John S Macdonald-crop.jpg ArchibaldMcKellar23.jpg
Leader John Sandfield Macdonald Archibald McKellar
Party Conservative Liberal
Leader's seat Cornwall Bothwell
Seats won 41 41


John Sandfield Macdonald

The 1867 Ontario general election was the first general election held in the newly created Province of Ontario, Canada. Previously, the territory was known as Canada West, a part of the Province of Canada. The election was held on September 3, 1867, to elect the 82 members of the 1st Legislative Assembly (MLAs). The dates of the election in 1867 varied from August 20 to September 26.

The Conservative Party, led by John Sandfield Macdonald, and the Ontario Liberal Party, led by Archibald McKellar, each won 41 seats. A coalition government was formed under the leadership of Macdonald.

Votes were recorded orally. Voter eligibility was only 13% of the population.[1]


Party Leader Elected
  Conservative John Sandfield Macdonald 41
  Liberal Archibald McKellar 41
Total Seats 82

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