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I call myself Bleiglass and can be found in different language sections, mainly the German and English one. I am German, but live in UK. Other languages I feel comfortable with: French, Dutch and Japanese. This comfort is however not shared by everybody who is really proficient in these languages.

Those who will follow my trail of actions in Wikipedia, will soon find out that I am a strong supporter of visualisation, adding pictures or graphics to articles. A good picture is worth thousand words.

To all admins: please,please,please do not edit pics to smaller than 300px, below that size you can as well leave the pic out and replace it with a simple text link, and you run the danger of getting sued for volontary eye-injury. If the page has little text, like 3 lines, a 400px picture will do fine on any screen resolution. I also think that download time is not an issue, as the text comes first anyway. Thanks !

You can also see my German profile. Click on Deutsch above the header. I started posting on 24. Feb 2004 after reading a online article. It's so easy !