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Redeemer Lutheran College
Crest of Redeemer Lutheran College
MottoSpes nostra in Christo est
Our hope is in Christ
PrincipalTanya Crooks
Colour(s)Three shades of blue, white and gold

Redeemer Lutheran College is a co-educational Lutheran primary and secondary school in Rochedale, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Founded in 1980[2] by Robin Kleinschmidt and other Lutherans in the south of Brisbane, the College currently educates students from years Prep to 12. The Principal of the college is Tanya Crooks, who has served since 2017.

Location and grounds[edit]

Redeemer is located in Brisbane City in a semi-rural environment. The College campus has much open space, with no building exceeding two stories in height[citation needed] large path infrastructure crossing the grounds[citation needed].

Doctrinal emphasis[edit]

Redeemer focuses on promoting the Lutheran denomination of the Christian faith; however adherents of any belief or none are accepted. Religious instruction is provided via 150 minutes of "Christian Studies" every week from years 6 to 12, and morning devotions in the chapel and in home rooms. Staff are expected to uphold a Christian lifestyle, although there is no official definition of that lifestyle, and most staff members are practising Christians[citation needed]. RLC has a chaplaincy service which is responsible for devotions and other expressions of religious life.[citation needed]

Educational standards[edit]

Most senior school-leavers score strongly in the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), with roughly 20% of the graduating cohort achieving an ATAR of 90-99[citation needed].


RLC offers extracurricular activities, ranging from sport in The Associated Schools competition to musical competitions and debating under the auspices of the Queensland Debating Union. The college has won music competitions such as MusicFest, Queensland Youth Music Awards and the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. It houses many different music ensembles at varying difficulty. There is a broad selection of Concert Bands, String Orchestras, Choirs and Chamber Ensembles. Sport teams compete in the Greater Brisbane Conference, a form of The Associated Schools. Various types of sports are offered at the college, ranging from equestrian to rugby.

Some alumni have achieved individual success[according to whom?]. These include:

Robin Kleinschmidt[edit]

L. Robin Kleinschmidt is an Australian Lutheran educationalist. He served as headmaster of St Peters Lutheran College, Brisbane and was responsible in part for encouraging the theatrical talents of a young Sigrid Thornton[citation needed].

Kleinschmidt served as headmaster of Redeemer College from foundation to 2001 and was responsible for the construction of most of the modern campus. His influence on the school can still be seen, particularly in the field of Debating, where the Inter-House Debating Trophy is known as the Robin Kleinschmidt Trophy. The school's music centre, which was erected in 1999, was renamed the Robin Kleinschmidt centre.[citation needed]


The school has been involved in two controversial incidents to date.

The first of these dealt with claims made by Helen Darville in interviews regarding her school experiences. Among these claims were that she had been looked down upon for being at the school on a scholarship and also that she had befriended a Croatian girl who had been bullied by other students. The College refuted both claims, demonstrating that it had never had a scholarship program (although limited bursaries existed and continue to exist for already-enrolled students in need) and that there were no students of Croatian ethnicity enrolled at the time of Darville's enrolment[citation needed]. Then-headmaster L Robin Kleinschmidt still views these claims with contempt many years after the fact, as is shown in his memoir of the school.[12]

The second event dealt with the prosecution and later conviction of teacher Warren Schneider for paedophilia. The events took place on a school camp in 2002, with Schneider providing alcohol to female students and playing sexually charged games of truth or dare with them. Schneider was jailed for 15 months, suspended after 5 months.[13] In a second case in October 2007, Schneider pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and many cases of indecent dealings with students of both Redeemer College and another school at which he had previously taught.[14] The school released a statement advising, "The college sincerely regrets that these events occurred," and stated in a newsletter, "It's been a difficult week for our community in the wake of the conviction of former teacher Warren Schneider." However, the school has not to date issued an apology to the victims of the abuse.[15]

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