Duckabush River

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Duckabush River
Annual report of the Commissioner of Fisheries to the Secretary of Commerce for the fiscal year ended .. (1919) (19337143266).jpg
Salmon trap on the Duckabush River, 1919
Duckabush River is located in Washington (state)
Duckabush River
Location of the mouth of the Duckabush River in Washington
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
SourceOlympic Mountains
 ⁃ coordinates47°39′17″N 123°19′16″W / 47.65472°N 123.32111°W / 47.65472; -123.32111[1]
MouthHood Canal
 ⁃ coordinates
47°38′55″N 122°56′1″W / 47.64861°N 122.93361°W / 47.64861; -122.93361Coordinates: 47°38′55″N 122°56′1″W / 47.64861°N 122.93361°W / 47.64861; -122.93361[1]

The Duckabush River is located in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, United States. It rises near Mount Duckabush in the Olympic Mountains within the Olympic National Park and drains to Hood Canal, an arm of Puget Sound.

The name Duckabush comes from the Indian word do-hi-a-boos, meaning "reddish face", referring to the reddish bluffs in the area.[2]

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