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Robert G. Shearer

Born: Atlanta, GA 1955

 AB 1977 Davidson College, NC cum laude (major field: European History, German)
 MA 1979 Stanford University, CA (major field: Early Modern Europe / Reformation)
 Curriculum Vitae
 1979-1980 Fulbright Fellow in Marburg, Germany (Hessische Staatsarchiv)
 1980-1981 Instructor, Pfeiffer College, NC
 1981-1983 Asst. Prof., Virginia Wesleyan College, VA
 1983-1985 Marketing Director, Oklahoma Beverage Company, Bartlesville, OK
 1985-1987 Senior Analyst, CACI, Arlington, VA
 1987-1992 Exec VP, Inforum, Nashville, TN
 1992-present Publisher, Greenleaf Press, Lebanon, TN
 2000-present City Manager, Mt. Juliet, TN
 Fields of Interest:
 History: Reformation, Renaissance, Medieval, Ancient Israel, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome
 Politics: Municipal government, ICMA Model city charter
 China: 19th & 20th Century culture & history
 Languages: German, Latin, French