One-Way Ticket to Mombasa

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One-Way Ticket to Mombasa (Menolippu Mombasaan) is a 2002 Finnish film directed by Hannu Tuomainen.


Pete (played by Antti Tarvainen) is a seventeen-year-old boy who loses his consciousness while playing in a pop band. The diagnosis of cancer is harsh and the doctor cannot say for sure whether Pete will celebrate his 18th birthday. Hospitalized, he met Jusa (Joonas Saartamo), a "tough guy", cancer patient too. They eventually became friends, after a first moment of clash. One night, encouraged by the vodka on Jusa's 18th birthday, Pete confesses his love to Kata (Johanna Rönnlöf), his dream girl, met at the high school. Together with Jusa, they go to Lapland where Kata has her summer job. In Jusa's wild company, Pete experiences something which he never felt before as they decide to take a trip to Mombasa via Lapland, together with Kata, as this is the last Jusa's wish before his death. Jusa will never see the dreamed beach of Mombasa, as he dies, in company of Kata and Pete, on a Finnish beach, but not before having experienced love for the first time thanks to Kata and Pete's complicity...

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