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I lived in Poland. I'm interested in military history. I have finished history study on Silesian University in Katowice, and postdiplom studies from Library knowledge. I work in school library. If I had to write in the others article I will write information which I found as supplement. I'm not good in english so I ask everyone about correction of article which I wrote. My email is

There is my list of articles and supplements which I write before making account on this site and after I make account. Battles and things which have connection with them. 1811 Albuehra 1813 Kulm Vitkov Hill Aetolian League Corpo Truppo Voluntari Vysehrad Blossius- it can be find in article about Spartacus which I don't write Supplements Cynoscephalae- it can be found in discuss page Cedyna Varna Lipiany